Monday, 12 January 2015

Our Dry Shampoo Review

Hello beautiful,

So, if you haven't been hiding under a rock, you know that dry shampoo is a very popular item in many peoples daily routines. This miracle product has the obvious goal of giving your hair the appearance of being clean in two different ways: giving volume and absorbing oil. We, in the search for the perfect dry shampoo have tried quite a few of them, thus delivering both disappointment and triumph. In order to stop you from making the same mistakes that we have made, Brigitte and I have made a list of most of the dry shampoos that we've tried along with reviews. Enjoy!

feel fortunate that I ended up picking Klorane’s famous dry shampoo as my first. It is without a doubt my favourite dry shampoo. The only bad thing that I can think of is the white cast that it can leave behind. Since it only comes in white, you really have to take the time to work it in. However, its oil absorbing properties along with the soft feeling it gives to your hair makes it a winner. Compared to a lot of other volumizing dry shampoos, it gives volume without leaving behind a gritty feeling. The major downfall is the price for the quantity that you get, but if you’re interested, it is really worth the investment. This one can be found at your local Shoppers Drugmart. ($15.99)

If you know anything about dry shampoos you’ve obviously heard of the brand Batiste! It’s one of the most affordable dry shampoo and it comes in various scents and colors. It comes in the standard white, but it also comes in red and brown. It does give a little bit of volume and that clean feeling we all look for in dry shampoo, all the while absorbing oil. As long as you really work it in, there isn’t much of a white cast. Look for these at Winners or Marshalls to get your best deal. ($6.99)

Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible
I’ve recently decided to try out a dry shampoo by Oscar Blandi. The one I picked up is a volumizing dry shampoo. Now, when it comes to volumizing ones they tend to give your hair a really gritty feel. That’s not always a bad thing when it comes to styling, but I tend to use my dry shampoos as a result to laziness and wanting to feel fresh. This one has not been my favorite so far, but I’m definitely going to try to work with it. It does give nice volume and it doesn’t leave too much of a white residue. Keep your eye out for this one at Winners or Marshalls as it tends to be more than double the price at stores like Sephora. ($8.99 - $25)

TRESemmé FreshStart
This is, without a doubt, one of the worst dry shampoos I’ve ever tried. It didn’t really absorb the oil, it didn’t give any volume in particular and it certainly didn’t give me a clean feeling. To be honest, it felt like a hairspray more than a dry shampoo. This one I wouldn’t recommend, but if you have stumbled upon it and liked it, then by all means, keep using it! However, for me, it was a complete miss. If you feel like trying it out you can find it at Shoppers Drugmart or Wal Mart. ($5.68 - Wal Mart)

Cake Satin Sugar
For when my hair gets really greasy, specially in my bangs, I always turn to my Cake Satin Sugar dry shampoo. This line is composed of both powder ($22 - cake and spray ($15 - $24 - products that work well together. As you can see, the product is offered in both a darker and a lighter tone to work with your hair colour. The powder is light, just like baby powder, but is dark enough to not leave an odd residue. The spray is super light and makes your dirty hair feel miraculously soft. These products smell AMAZING. They smell super sweet without being too strong. I can find two cons to this product. The first is that the powder container isn't made for travel as it has the same lid as would a parmesan container and it tends to make a mess. Nevertheless, I somehow love it so much that I still insist on traveling with it, specially in the summer when my bangs get really gross. The second con is that the powder also leaves a brown residue on the scalp if not properly rubbed in, so make sure to not rush out the door too fast. Regardless of these flaws, I still love this product that is, for sure, worth it. I had gotten both of these products in a kit, but they are normally sold separately.

Bed Head Rockaholic
This is my go-to dry shampoo for when I need some extra volume. Like Klorane, this great product is one of the only dry shampoos that I have found to give great volume without making your hair feel gross. I reach for it, even when I've just washed my hair, just to give it more body. This product, once again is much cheaper at Marshalls than it is at your local beauty supply store. ($10 - $23)
Dove Refresh+Care
I picked this product up at Jean-Coutu on sale at about $3, it was sort of a no brainer for an adventurous dry-shampoo-er such as myself. This is, for sure, a volumizing product that will make your hair look clean, but will make it feel dirty. A positive aspect of this element is that it will make your hair have more grip and volume, thus making it easier to style into an undo. I wouldn't recommend this to you if you tend to touch your hair a lot and are intending on leaving it down. The smell of this spray is also very strong, which is kind of a turn off for me. ($4.77 - Wal Mart)

Aveeno Pure Renewal
This product is actually pretty good. Instead of being an aerosol powder, this spray is wet. When it dries, it leaves your hair feeling soft. After doing a little bit of reading up, I found that this product is good for people who have more sensitive scalps that may react badly to other dry shampoos. I'm not super fond of the smell, but it does fade out. ($7.97 - Wal Mart)

We hope that these reviews helped you out and may you all forever have clean looking hair!

Love, Brigitte & Amélie

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